Are You Water Wise?

Are You Water Wise?

Water is our most precious natural resource in the state of Utah and in our beautiful Pleasant Grove City. Our use of our water resources makes our city a beautiful, and inviting place to live, work, and play. The over use of this resource will cause us and our posterity serious problems in the near and far future. We must protect and conserve water whenever and wherever possible.

Current Water Condition

PG City Watering Schedule

Pleasant Grove City requires residents to strictly follow a watering schedule by house #:

Odd: M,W,F
Even: T, TH, Sa
No Sunday Watering

Free Water Check

A Beautification commission member will come to your home, run your sprinkling system and use special equipment to measure the distribution of water to your lawn.  Recommendations will be made concerning amount of water to use and for how long each cycle.  Commission members will not fix sprinklers, pipes or set your control box.  Schedule your free water check.

Water Conservation Websites

Monthly Watering Schedule**






OCTOBER To Shutdown

Once every 4 days – 15 min per zone Once every 4 days – 15 minutes per zone Once every watering day – 21 minutes per zone Once every watering day – 21 minutes per zone Once every 4 days – 21 minutes per zone Once every 7 days – 21 minutes per zone

** This schedule may need to be adjusted based on temperatures, soil type, and slope of lawn

Caring About our Water Resources

As you have heard in the news and can see by looking at our mountains, we are facing a very serious water shortfall again this year. This is due to many factors, which we cannot control. But we can control how much water we use. This is where we can all work together to improve our situation and protect our water resources. To help with this, we have provided several resources right here. Please visit this page often to see updates on our water totals and for updated information and resources.