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Between our yards and our home life, we use a lot of water. A significant use of water in our neighborhoods is our lawns and gardens. We all enjoy beautiful yards, but we can minimize our water usage while still maintaining that beauty by adjusting and maximizing our sprinkler systems. Remember to always follow the city approved watering days for outside watering. This helps keep our water systems functioning at an acceptable level. Also, check out our section on improving your lawns for tips and tricks on how to increase your lawns water holding capabilities.

The free sprinkler check is done by volunteers who have been trained on how to measure and calculate the best operating time and frequency of each of your lawn sprinkler zones. They will also identify any issues that you may need to have repairs or adjusted to improve efficiency. The check takes about 1 hour (depending on how many zones you have) and will produce a report for you to keep upon completion.

Individual sprinkler checks and group checks can be requested.

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